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drywall contractors

Expert Drywall Services For Residential And Commercial Properties

Specializing in drywall installation, finishing, and texturing for residential and commercial customers, and are best suited to handle anything from new builds to repairs, renovations, and other diverse projects. Call us at 347-427-5394 or fill out the estimate form to get started today!

Residential Drywall Services

Remodel with our comprehensive drywall services. Our skilled team would be undertaking with the unique needs of quality and durability in varied areas of home like: 

  • Living Rooms: Smooth walls with no finish required. Great for new builds, renovations, and post-damage restoration. 
  • Bathrooms and Kitchens: The drywall solution especially designed for high moisture that perfectly fits these high-humidity areas. 
  • Basements: Converting your basement into a warm living space or functional space with our professional services in drywall installation and finishes. 
  • Attics: Turn your attic into a habitable room through professional drywall services. Cover the wall and ceiling with drywall, giving you easier access to finish off the functionality and look of your garage. 
  • Home Additions and Remodels: Seamlessly introduce new additions to your existing space or completely remodel the interiors with our professional drywalling.

Commercial Drywall Contractor

Elevate your business premises with our specialized drywall services designed for commercial properties:

  • Offices and Conference Rooms: Create the perfect professional environment with our precision drywall installations. 
  • Retail Spaces: Design your ideal retail setting with our customizable drywall services, from shops to boutiques. 
  • Restaurants: Ensure a welcoming dining atmosphere with our aesthetic and durable drywall solutions.
  • Warehouses and industrial spaces: functional office spaces in large industrial venues custom-made for drywall services. 
  • Healthcare Facilities and Hospitals: we offer specialty drywall installations that make your premises patient- and staff-safe and comfortable. 
  • Educational institutions: From classrooms to dormitories, our drywall serves both the most conducive environments for learning to take place.

Why Choose Us For Your Drywall Installation & Repairs

In any respect, either new construction, aftermath of damage, or even work related to renovation, we’re here to provide you with the best drywall service within your local area. 

With that in mind, then, the following are reasons why professional drywall contractors are important for homeowners and even business holders: 

  • New builds and extensions: Our team of highly skilled artisans ensures that your new build or extension goes ahead without a glitch. Installation and finish work perfectly for the walls, and ceiling. 
  • Remodels and Renovations: Change your space with our top-of-the-line remodeling services that guarantee an up-to-date look and flowing transitions. 
  • Repairs: Our repairs vary from minor to renovation of extensive damage, bringing your walls and ceilings back to their original state. 
  • Restoration: Trust us to restore your space back to life after fire, water, or mold damage, with our comprehensive restoration services. 
  • Soundproofing: Build up your private surroundings to be the most peaceful ones with our soundproofing solutions that take a minimum gain in sound transit to gain privacy. Choose NT as your choice of an expert commercial and residential drywall contractor. 

Do it with efficient customer service and work quality; therefore, you would be surely picking us number one at the borough of Queens, NY, serving within the borough and all local neighborhoods located! Feel free to contact us for consultation today and start a journey toward a well-finished space by using top-tier drywall installers and repair experts.

Skim Coating: Elevate Your Walls And Ceilings

Skim coating represents one of the centerpiece services within our comprehensive range of drywall solutions—flagship offerings designed with you in mind, so you can bring the elegance and renewal deserved by your living or working space.

What is Skim Coating? 

Skim coating is a specialized plastering technique used to create a smooth, seamless finish on walls and ceilings. This process consists of coating a thin layer of joint compound, evenly applied over the whole surface to fill dents and dings, as textured finishes do.

Skim coating is the final polishing step in drywalling and repairing to achieve level 5 drywall finishes—the best industry standard for smoothness and quality.

The Importance of Skim Coating in Drywall Services

More than an aesthetic enhancement, it is an intrinsic part of preservation and preparation for your interior spaces.

Whether your motive is to remove an outdated texture, fix a damaged wall, or prepare surfaces in the best manner for receiving high-quality paint, skim coating will give you a perfect canvas, allowing your walls and ceilings to appear and last at their utmost potential.

Why Choose NT Home Painting for Skim Coating?

  • Precision right down to perfection: Our skilled crew uses perfectionist techniques and professional-grade materials to make sure every inch of your space lives up to our standards in smoothness and finish.
  • Tailored Services: Understanding the fact that no two projects could be similar, we have come up with tailor-made skim coat services, which are designed according to the demands and goals of your home or office space.
  • Enhanced Durability and Aesthetics: The surface is far more durable and provides a much-improved appearance when skim-coated, an application that actually avoids not only future defects but also the requirements needed for maintenance and offers a protection layer. Whether yours is a new construction or a renovation project, our skilled skim-coating services are complementary and dovetail perfectly with the rest of our full line of drywall services, delivering you one high-quality finish across your property.
  • Elevate Your Property with Our Skim Coating Expertise: Our professional skim coating services are customized to give that flawless desire, be it in remodeling a home or upgrading commercial space. At NT Home Painting, we assure you of making your walls and ceilings a flawless surface, kind of like a perfect canvas for the final coat of paint and decoration. Discover more of what precision skim coating can do for your property today. Contact us for a consultation that will send your space’s superior quality and style invested throughout every part.


Drywall taping is a critical phase in the drywall installation and finishing process. The operation uses tape over the seams between pieces of drywall; paper or fiberglass tape is put over the areas. The main objective of the taping process is to connect these pieces firmly into a single surface that will bar cracking and gaping.

After the tape is laid, joint compound is spread over the tape and allowed to dry. This is generally repeated several times with the sanding of each layer in between to build a smooth, almost invisible joint.

The Significance of Drywall Taping in Your Property: Taping is not just a step towards aesthetic perfection; it is vital for structural integrity and longevity.

Proper taping assures the walls and ceiling being perfect and, of course, strong enough not to develop such problems like cracks, peeling, or surface moisture afterwards. Professional taping is a must to keep the value and look of your property, be it home or managing commercial property.

Why Choose Us For Your Drywall Taping?

Expertise and Precision: Our trained professionals are well equipped with the right kind of tools and required expertise, whether it is tapping every seam and corner to perfection for the top-class finish.

Quality meets durability: we understand the importance of a job well done. Our taping services lead to quality meets durability for your drywall and make the ages last.

Custom solutions—never one size fits all in the world of tape. We offer custom solutions expressly designed to meet the needs and challenges of your property.

Whether you build new property premises or remodel some space existing beforehand or face particular problems with the walls and ceilings, our team will ensure the perfect look of your drywall installation. See how our taping service may make a difference in your property; contact us today for your complimentary consultation and estimate on how we can provide you with your drywall needs, or for continuous support in producing a seamless, long-lasting result that adds further comfort and value to your space.


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